Organisme d'Enquête sur les Accidents et Incidents Ferroviaires


ERA – “Between the lines”

  The film “Between the lines” of the European Rail Agency (ERA) describes the circumstances of a real accident. The film, only available in English, gives an overview of the first phase of the investigation, involving factual data collection by investigators. All the information, proof and declarations available and linked to the elements in a

Joint Network Secretariat Normal Procedure Task Force Broken wheels


In 2016/2017, many wheels of type BA 314/ZDB29 and BA004 (European rail freight business) broke and/or cracked on the European rail network.
A work group of the Joint Network Secretariat (JNS) “Broken wheels – Normal Procedure” performed a thorough analysis, of which the results are available since 28 November 2019.

The NSA BE (Belgian National Safety Authority) considers the issue to be critical and asks you to pay special attention to the long-term mitigation measures for railway undertakings and the entities in charge of maintenance.

Day on safety in the railway world


The IU initiated a seminar carried out in close collaboration with Infrabel, Tuc Rail and the UETF (union of railway works companies), of which the common thread was safety culture during railway work and the basic principles of “hearing, seeing and being seen” during works carried out in and around the tracks.

Danemark Great Belt bridge railway accident


A task force composed of experts from the concerned sector organisations has defined an action plan containing short-term mitigation measures.

Pittem Lessons Learned


90% of all railway accidents are accidents at LC and accidents involving a person (excluding suicide). The purpose of the seminar was to raise awareness:
– about the inappropriate behavior of some LC users;
– about the fact that 800 meters is the stopping distance for a passenger train travelling at 120 km/h;
– …