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The on-going and closed investigations are listed below,  with the most recent appearing first.

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Date Place Title Level   DG   Status
14/04/2020 Tubize Derailment of a work train (ballast regulator) 2 N/A Open
03/03/2020 Moelingen Incident with numerous vehicles on a level crossing 3 N/A Open
06/02/2020 Walenhoek Derailment followed by a side collision 1 Yes Open
11/07/2019 Liège-Guillemins Derailment of an empty SNCB/NMBS train 2 N/A Open
20/06/2019 Aarschot Road vehicle struck by freight train 1 N/A Open
09/05/2019 Belsele-Sinaai Derailment of a wagon of a freight train 2 No Closed
14/04/2019 Gent-Sint-Pieters Side-on collision with a freight train by a runaway packing machine 3 No Closed
11/02/2019 Noorderkempen Switch run-through 2 N/A Closed
06/09/2018 Comblain Signalling incident with safety hazard involving a signal showing a less restrictive aspect than expected 3 N/A Closed
08/06/2018 Neufvilles Derailment of an empty SNCB/NMBS passenger train 2 N/A Closed