Organisme d'Enquête sur les Accidents et Incidents Ferroviaires


The film “Between the lines” of the European Rail Agency (ERA) 


The film “Between the lines” of the European Rail Agency (ERA) describes the circumstances of a real accident.

The film, only available in English, gives an overview of the first phase of the investigation, involving factual data collection by investigators.



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Derailment of a passenger train

On Thursday 4 March 2021, at 6:35 p.m., upon its arrival at Germoir station, passenger train E3289 derailed with 1 axle after colliding with a metal object present in the tracks. There were no victims and the passengers could easily exit the train via the Germoir station platform.
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The Investigation Unit (IU) is an organisation created to carry out safety investigations following a railway accident or incident. The IU operates independently of the Safety Authority, of any regulatory body for the railways or any other authority whose interest could conflict with its investigatory duties.

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