Organisme d'Enquête sur les Accidents et Incidents Ferroviaires

Joint Network Secretariat Normal Procedure Task Force Broken wheels

In 2016/2017, many wheels of type BA 314/ZDB29 and BA004 (European rail freight business) broke and/or cracked on the European rail network. To mitigate the risk on 28th July 2017 short term measures in operation, wagon maintenance and off vehicle wheelset maintenance were disseminated. In the second phase the Joint Network Secretariat Task Force “Broken wheels”– normal procedure performed in-depth analysis.

A new document replaces and updates the “short-term mitigation measures” and defines the long-term measures and the proposal to update the standards, regulations and contractual provisions.

As a reminder, a derailment occurred in Aubange following a broken wheel. This accident caused important damages to the infrastructure.

The IU’s safety report (in French/Dutch) and the summary are available.

The work of the JNS has been closely followed by our colleagues of the Belgian National Safety Authority (NSA BE = DRSI).

The NSA BE draws the attention to slides 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 of the enclosed final report: