Organisme d'Enquête sur les Accidents et Incidents Ferroviaires

Various report types

In accordance with the Law on the Railway Code, every investigation into an accident or incident is subject to a report prepared in a format appropriate to the type and severity of the accident or incident and the importance of the investigation’s results. The investigation reports serve as a reminder as well as an archive, but also allow the lessons learned from accidents and/or incidents to be recognised. Their goal is to encourage the circulation of knowledge acquired in the course of different analyses.

The various report types published by the IU are:


Bulletin of general information


Safety notice

The safety notice is a way of quickly sharing important safety messages when we have decided not to conduct a full investigation for one of the following reasons:

We identity the learning points in our safety notices if we think we have identified good practices that can be adopted by others or if a reminder to the industry to improve compliance with the existing procedures or standards is appropriate.


Safety investigation report and summary

The report outlines the elements that have allowed conclusions to be drawn.

The content is determined in appendix 6 of the law on the railway code.

The IU publishes the report in two languages (French and Dutch).

A summary containing the main elements of the investigation, the conclusions and the recommendations is published in 4 languages (English, French, Dutch and German).


Temporary safety investigation report

When we are unable to complete an investigation within 1 year, we publish a temporary safety investigation report.